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Exhibition at The Morgan focuses on the drawing practice of Jacopo Tintoretto

The dramatic canvases of Jacopo Tintoretto (1518/1519–1594), with their muscular, expressive bodies, are some of the most distinctive of the Italian Renaissance. His drawings, however, have received less attention as a distinctive category in his oeuvre. Drawing in Tintoretto’s Venice is the first exhibition since 1956 to focus on the drawing practice of this major artist. It offers a new perspective on Tintoretto’s evolution as a draftsman, his individuality as an artist, and his influence on a generation of painters in northern Italy. Organized to mark the five-hundredth anniversary of the artist’s birth, this exhibition brings together more than seventy drawings and a small group of related paintings. It places Tintoretto’s distinctive figure drawings alongside works by contemporaries such as Titian, Veronese, and Bassano,

12-pound Moon Rock sold for more than $600k at auction

An extremely rare lunar meteorite sold for $612,500 according to Boston-based RR Auction. The meteorite was discovered in a remote area of Mauritania, in the deserts of Northwest Africa in 2017. The meteorite is classified as NWA 11789, lunar feldspathic breccia, unofficially known as ‘Buagaba’ or ‘The Moon Puzzle.’ It is comprised of six fragments that fit together, puzzle-like, to form a mass weighing very nearly 5.5 kg (12 pounds). With partial fusion crust visible on one side, it is a brand new classification and the largest known, complete lunar puzzle. Without a doubt, one of the most important meteorites available for acquisition anywhere in the world today and, perhaps, the most significant example of our nearest celestial neighbor ever offered for sale in the history of meteorite science. “The winning bid came from a representative

Garrison Art Center opens a three-person show curated by Tamar Zinn

Garrison Art Center presents Explorations in Line, a three-person show curated by Tamar Zinn, with works by Jaanika Peerna, Tenesh Webber and Tamar Zinn. The exhibition will be on view in the Riverside Galleries from October 20 through November 11. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, October 20, 5-7pm. Explorations in Line highlights the vital role of line in the work of three contemporary abstract artists. Working in sculpture, photography, and drawing, Jaanika Peerna, Tenesh Webber, and Tamar Zinn use line as a thing unto itself, an embodiment of thought and sensation, rather than as a means to depict form. Some lines declare themselves soloists, while others dance and sometimes wrestle with one another. These lines transform the space they inhabit and shape how we perceive that space. Each artist’s line is deeply personal,

Sophie Calle brings two new projects to Perrotin Paris

Perrotin Paris is presenting a solo exhibition of the work of Sophie Calle, the fifteenth since the gallery began its collaboration with the artist in 2001. For this exhibition, Sophie Calle brings us two new projects: Parce que and Souris Calle, in cooperation with some fourty musicians. Sophie Calle is one of the most renowned French artists. For about fourty years, her work has been a combination of narratives, photography, performance and video; blurring the lines between fiction and reality, the intimate and the public sphere. As Alfred Pacquement writes : “Sophie Calle is a first-person artist. In her works she directs herself, unreservedly, using direct language to recount stories she has lived, with impressive attention to detail. She turns onlookers into accomplices to her privacy and leaves them no way out.1” The exhibition opens with a series of new

Freeman’s announces highlights in its Fall Modern & Contemporary Art auction

On November 13, Freeman’s will host its Fall Modern & Contemporary Art auction. After a successful spring auction season, which saw over $2.1 million dollars in sales, Freeman’s is pleased to offer over 150 paintings, works on paper, and sculpture this autumn. The auction will provide collectors an opportunity to bid on and buy artwork from some of the art market’s biggest names. An undoubted highlight of the sale is the impressive sculpture “Trembling for Color” by American artist Jim Dine Lot 114, estimate: $120,000-180,000). Over the course of his long and prolific career, Dine developed a signature visual iconography through his repeated exploration of particular forms and motifs. He has returned time and again to favored subjects such as hearts, bathrobes, and the Venus de Milo, making them new again in each interpretation.

Major exhibition focuses on fictional pirates in popular culture

A Pirate’s Life For Me is the V&A Museum of Childhood’s first major exhibition to focus on fictional pirates in popular culture from Victorian Britain to the present day. Immersive, multi-sensory and developed in collaboration with children, the exhibition transports its young visitors into an imaginary swashbuckling world of adventure and exploration. A Pirate’s Life For Me explores the origins and character development of fictional pirates to reveal how they have been romanticised and reimagined in popular culture. Over 80 objects are displayed from the V&A’s world-leading collections and key loans of famous toys, original costumes, games, books, illustrations and comic spanning over 300 years. Will Newton, curator of A Pirate’s Life For Me, said: “Children love pirates. Captain Hook, Long John Silver and Jack Sparrow are among the most

Exhibition at Moderna Museet gauges the current position of Swedish contemporary art

Current political tendencies take centre stage at the Moderna Exhibition 2018. This edition of the exhibition, which gauges the current position of Swedish contemporary art, features 36 artists and artist groups who offer sober and intimate reflections on Swedish society today, on a natural world that is no longer what it once was, and a future that appears to have already begun. Where does the idea of 'the local' fit into our globally networked society? And what does it mean, today, to frame an exhibition as a national survey? Over the course of a two-year research process, the curators Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn began to think beyond the idea of the Moderna Exhibition as a showcase for the most prominent artistic practices in Sweden, and instead see the exhibition as an opportunity to look more closely at Swedish society through

Jerwood Gallery opens exhibition featuring the work of five ground-breaking artists

The Quick and the Dead is an exhibition of five ground-breaking artists – each radically different in his or her approach – whose lives have intersected at various points. The artists are friends who have portrayed each other at different moments, and are being displayed together for the first time this autumn at Jerwood Gallery, Hastings. In this new exhibition, The Quick and the Dead centres on paintings and drawings made over the past decade by Maggi Hambling, in which she has portrayed Horsley, Lucas, Simmons and Teller. These works are in dialogue with portraits of Hambling made by the other living artists. This is highly personal, a sequence of artistic interactions, and a celebration of portraiture and its ongoing possibilities. The exhibition has its roots in a 2005 meeting at The Colony Room Club, Soho, where Hambling was introduced

Exhibition explores the technologic and surreal imaginaries of 16 international contemporary artists

An avatar that asks itself about the meaning of life, two robots exploring the relationship between man and machine, a live simulation that self-replicates infinitely, constructing ever-different worlds, Rubens’ Bellona obsessively redrawn by a piece of software, stock market trends that become the colours in abstract paintings. All this and more is included in LOW FORM. Imaginaries and Visions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, a project curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi that runs from 20 October 2018 to 24 February 2019, bringing the work of 16 international artists to MAXXI. LOW FORM is not just an exhibition but a workshop for study and debate on themes and issues associated with humanity’s relationship with technology and the incredible scenarios opened up by its evolution. A broad-based approach that will develop a rich