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Mirak Jamal

Mohsen Jamal (b. 1941) began painting pastorals after he emigrated with his family from Tehran to Germany, fleeing Iran’s turbulent revolution. His son, Mirak Jamal (b. 1979), has been carving out a

Skye Arundhati Thomas on Ramy

IN THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE of Ramy’s first season, the eponymous Egyptian-American protagonist finds himself at a party in Cairo. Everyone is doing coke and listening to house music. Ramy would rather

Bruce Conner

Created in the summer of 1975, Bruce Conner’s DECK drawings are some of the artist’s very first works in the INKBLOT series—one of his most expansive bodies of works. An intensely meticulous activity,

Yojiro Imasaka

MIYAKO YOSHINAGA is pleased to present a special reopening exhibition featuring the photo installation “Correspondence” by New York–based artist Yojiro Imasaka (b. 1983, Hiroshima). This project sheds