Listen Up, Literary Snobs: You Need To Wake Up To The Fact That Romance Is Lit

Romance isn't pretending not to be about politics. "Romance is political because all art is political, but also specifically because of what it is and who makes it. As the genre grapples with its place in the resistance, it confronts the structures of privilege and exclusion that have shaped the genre for decades. It is a reflection of America, after all, in more ways than one."

Meet The Choreographer Who Made The Sally-Hawkins-And-Sea-Monster Dance In ‘The Shape Of Water’

"The man behind these moves is Roberto Campanella. A former National Ballet of Canada soloist and current artistic director of the contemporary ballet troupe ProArteDanza, he's no stranger to film sets. For the last 13 years, he's contributed movement coordination and choreography to a variety of projects, such as the Silent Hill horror movie franchise, Hallmark's A Nutcracker Christmas (with Sascha Radetsky) and [Shape of Water director Guillermo] del Toro's vampire show on FX, The Strain. We spoke with Campanella about his latest collaboration."

The Fall Of Kings: Henceforth, Only Queens Shall Reign At ‘Medieval Times’

"For the 34 years Medieval Times has been in business, [its] monarch has been a man. But the show, which draws an estimated 2.5 million customers each year, is replacing all of its kings with queens. And its peculiar brand of dinner theater - a sort of G-rated Game of Thrones - is taking on an unlikely resonance amid the national jousting over gender equality provoked by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements."

Giant Building-Size Murals And Hipster Culture

Like other novelties of the post-hipster age, the source of the value is not just the finished work, but also the tedious and rarefied conditions of its production. The spectacle of painters hanging from a wall is as much Colossal’s product as the murals themselves. Colossal offers time-lapse footage and photos for clients to share on social channels.