Why Isn’t The Orchestra World More Diverse? Because It’s Built That Way

Systemic discrimination occurs when biases like racism and sexism cut across unique organizations. It’s closely tied to, but distinct from, actions we associate with overt bias—a conductor claiming that men are better on the podium or an orchestra defending its discrimination against women and musicians of Asian heritage. Rather, systemic discrimination relies on the abdication of individual responsibility for its consequences, thus rendering it passive and plausibly deniable. In the world of orchestral music, “the system” sustains discriminatory practices even when individuals within it claim to be progressive.

Podcasts, Coming To A Screen Near You

HBO, which has had massive success with its scripted programs, has been searching for nonscripted hits for a few years. Last week, the network released the first of a series of four specials with the hosts of the podcast "2 Dope Queens," and now they've made a deal with the hosts of "Pod Save America" for content that will run through the midterm elections.

A Broadway Bigwig Gets A Web Series, And Takes On The President

Jordan Roth, whose Jujamcyn Theatres owns five of Broadway's 41 theatres, and "who has had a longtime interest in performing and has dabbled in video production previously, conceived of this new series months ago, with the idea of developing 'a kids’ show for adults,' modeled on 'Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood' and 'Pee-wee’s Playhouse.'" And there's a lot of swearing - not to mention jokes aimed squarely at the president.

Arkansas’s Crystal Bridges May Be The Most “Woke” Museum In America

Philip Kennicott: This may be the most “woke” room in any mainstream American museum today, with works by Native American, African American and female artists far outnumbering the only work by a white man, a virtuosic sepia-toned “landscape” of broken and toppled ancient statuary. But it’s not the crude metrics or race and gender that matter, rather, it’s the utterly new narrative of contemporary art that emerges from the museum’s conscious and thorough effort at inclusivity. And this applies not just to the identity of the artists on view, but to the kind of work they make, as well.

The Berklee School Of Music Is Dead. What Comes Next Might Be Revolutionary

Berklee wants to build new spaces both physical and virtual and break down barriers between all the arts disciplines emphasizing the transferability of skills. And perhaps best of all for the students, it focuses attention upon affordability which in turn will support recruitment and retention. The plan is visionary and under the extraordinary leadership of President Roger Brown more than doable. As Brown puts it, “With music, movement and digital technology converging, artists possess powerful new means of creative expression in the theater, on the concert stage, and through emerging platforms.”

Are The Border Wall Prototypes Art?

I ask Michael Diers if it's appropriate to hail the aesthetics of the border prototypes, given their xenophobic political purpose. "It's always about aesthetics," he says. "We live in a media world, and you have to present yourself. In 1920s Germany, everybody wore black suits with white shirts because it looked good in black and white photography. Here, the politicians wear red ties and blue suits because they look like the flag — it's the allegory of the Stars and Stripes. Aesthetics is politics."

What Happens When You Take People’s Smartphones Away At Concerts

The effects are immediate: At first, people seem agitated and unsure of what to do with their hands. But then they adjust. “In line at the concession stand, you’ll overhear people talking about the artist and the show, and then about the fact that they’re having this conversation because they don’t have phones. You’ll see people fully engaged with each other talking, and the feel of it is radically different.”

High School Cancels Musical And Is Bombarded With Threats

Via Facebook, the students received pictures of themselves with swastikas plastered on their faces. One parent had what was thought to be her home address (it wasn’t) posted online with a comment seeming to encourage harassment: “Do your thing social media.” Another parent received a profane email, assailing her for embracing “anti-white racism,” adding: “I feel sorry for your brainwashed child.”