Looking Into The ‘Toxic’ Backstage Culture At English National Ballet

"Rumours of bad human relations and plummeting morale had been circulating for years, seemingly validated by a staggeringly high turnover of staff year after year. ... Fifteen dancers left the company last summer alone. And yet the Times report was the first time allegations of unacceptable managerial conduct in the company came out into the open. ... Why have people with compelling stories to tell not spoken out before? Or sought redress in-house? We talked to twelve ENB dancers past and present, as well as support staff, and had sight of relevant documents. And the answer we consistently got was 'fear.'"

The Reclusive Artist (I’m Sorry, We Don’t Have Tolerance For That These Days)

Once upon a time, not turning up for an awards ceremony held a kind of clout: “When a writer doesn’t show his face,” as DeLillo wrote in his 1991 novel, “Mao II,” about a reclusive novelist who becomes a prisoner of a terrorist organization, “he becomes a local symptom of God’s famous reluctance to appear.” Now it feels a little rude, like not showing up to a dinner party held in your honor.

We’re Quickly Becoming A Post-Text World

This multimedia internet has been gaining on the text-based internet for years. But last year, the story accelerated sharply, and now audio and video are unstoppable. The most influential communicators online once worked on web pages and blogs. They’re now making podcasts, Netflix shows, propaganda memes, Instagram and YouTube channels, and apps like HQ Trivia.

Actors Who Are Working Parents Suggest That It’s Time For Job Sharing In Professional Theatre

One actor set up a forum to discuss West End job sharing ideas, and it had hundreds of members within days. Actor Caroline Sheen is for it. '"Eight shows a week for a year - it's a lot for any parent,' says Sheen, who has a five-year-old daughter. She's a fan of having the alternate scheme extended. 'To explore these avenues further means people who are parents have more options open to them. ... I've only been able to take short contracts, because of the parental guilt of leaving her for so long. A job share would make life easier for parents.'"

The Oscars Have Begun

That is, the Scientific and Technical Awards, handed out by host Patrick Stewart, but without a red carpet or other celebrities. "This is an awards ceremony where the mere mention of a "rig" — the basic skeleton of a 3-D model used in digital animation — can inspire a hearty round of applause and where a wry joke about the programming language C++ can bring the house down."

Brooklyn’s Home Of Horror

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies takes its name from Lovecraft and was founded in Canada. It has homes in Brooklyn and London, and it's heading to L.A. as well. At the Institute, those curious about the intellectual side of horror film can take courses "led by writers, scholars, directors and others with a passion for the genre."