How Sesame Workshop’s First-Ever Outside CEO Took ‘Sesame Street’ To HBO And Possibly Saved The Company

When Jeffrey Dunn came to Sesame in September 2014 (after a career at Nickelodeon and the company that owns Thomas the Tank Engine), licensing revenue was plummeting and revenue from PBS was covering less than 10% of the TV show's production costs. Journalist Kerry Hannon reports on how Dunn has turned the company around.

Jack Kerouac Was Really A Catholic Mystic Poet

Scott Beauchamp: "The spiritually inverted radicals of the Sixties who sacralized their politics and secularized their spirituality - blame Reich and Marcuse - read Kerouac with blinders on. They only saw what they wanted to see, and what they wanted to see was a celebration of the 'freedoms' of hedonism. ... The truth is more complex and so much more interesting: Kerouac" - who described himself as a "strange solitary Catholic mystic" - "was one of the most humble and devoted American religious writers of the 20th century."

Confabulation: Why People Make Up Stories To Explain Things

"When we confabulate, we tell a story that is fictional, while believing that it is a true story. As we are not aware that our story is fictional, this is very different from a lie: we have no intention to deceive. So in confabulation there is a mismatch between what we aim to do (tell a true story) and what we end up doing (tell a fictional story). We tend to confabulate when we are asked to explain our choices because we don't always know the factors responsible for our choices. Yet, when asked why we made a choice, we offer an explanation."

Judge Rules: Taylor Swift Lyrics Are Too “Banal” To Copyright

In his ruling, Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald held that combining the phrases, “Playas gonna play” and “haters gonna hate,” does not entail sufficient originality to warrant copyright protection. “By 2001, American popular culture was heavily steeped in the concepts of players, haters, and player haters,” Fitzgerald wrote. “The concept of actors acting in accordance with their essential nature is not at all creative; it is banal.”