Conservative NY Times Columnist Remembers His Freewheeling, Sexually Confident, Multiply Married Modernist Painter Grandmother (Who Had Diego Rivera For A Lover)

Bret Stephens pays tribute to Annette Nancarrow (the composer Conlon was the third of her four husbands), a genteel, well-to-do Manhattan Jewish girl who ran off to Mexico City, became besties with Anaïs Nin, painted a mural alongside José Clemente Orozco, watched Diego and Frida fight, and judged Leon Trotsky’s clothes. – The New York Times

How Did Disney Swallow Up Everything?

Disney is so big it’s even creating metaphors about itself in its many, many, many, many properties. “Disney’s gravitational pull is warping the very space-time continuum of the media landscape. You will have to work harder than ever to escape the Magic Kingdom’s reach. If it doesn’t get you with the Avengers, it will get you with The Simpsons, or National Geographic, or Wes Anderson. If it doesn’t get you with Elsa sticking plasters, it will get you with Baby Yoda memes.” – The Guardian (UK)

Bill Smith, Master Of Two Musical Worlds, Has Died At 93

His double music life: “As William O. Smith, he pioneered unorthodox techniques for his instrument and developed ways to notate them for other players. Composers like Luigi Nono, Pauline Oliveros and Gunther Schuller fashioned works that took advantage of Mr. Smith’s uncommon virtuosity. His own compositions were performed and recorded by eminent artists like Mr. Schuller, André Previn and Marni Nixon. As Bill Smith, he enjoyed a lively career as a jazz clarinetist. He was admired for his bright tone and buoyant swing, most visibly in bands led by [Dave] Brubeck.” – The New York Times

The Psychology Of Comfort TV

Says one professor of media psychology on why so many people are watching, say, “The Great British Baking Show” and other comfort watches or re-watches: “There’s a lot of comfort in knowing when something’s going to happen. You don’t have to exert a lot of cognitive energy, so it doesn’t feel taxing.” – The Atlantic