The Secret To Becoming A Great Writer? Don’t Have Kids

The great man said that his advice was going to be painful—or maybe that was just in his tone—but he knew what he was talking about, and if I wanted to make a go of it as a novelist, I would do well to pay attention. The guy was nearly twice my age, but he was not old. He was young enough, for example, to wear black Chuck Taylors. He was young enough to smile ironically at himself, laying the Polonius routine on some raw hurler of metaphors out of U.C. Irvine. “Don't have children,” he said. “That's it. Do not.” The smile faded, but its ghost lingered a moment in his blue eyes. “That is the whole of the law.”

In The Wake Of #MeToo, Publishers Are Adding Morality Clauses To Writers’ Contracts

"Until recently, the term 'moral turpitude' is not one that crossed the lips of too many people in book publishing. But Bill O’Reilly, Milo Yiannopoulos, Sherman Alexie, Jay Asher, and James Dashner changed all that. ... Major publishers are increasingly inserting language into their contracts - referred to as morality clauses - that allows them to terminate agreements in response to a broad range of behavior by authors. And agents, most of whom spoke with PW on the condition of anonymity, say the change is worrying in an industry built on a commitment to defending free speech."

The Nobel Prize For Literature May Be Cancelled This Year

Yes, the fallout from the sexual harassment scandal has gotten that bad: "The Swedish Academy yesterday discussed the Nobel prize and came to no decision," said the head of the panel last week. "After our next Thursday meeting there will most probably be a statement on whether we will award a prize this year or reserve it for next year, in which case two prizes for literature will be announced in October 2019."

Director Of Rome’s Galleria Borghese Charged With Crime For Going To The Gym While Clocked In At The Office

"Anna Coliva, the well-respected director of Rome's Galleria Borghese, one of Italy's top museums, is to stand trial on charges of absenteeism and defrauding the public purse ... In total, she was absent from the museum for 41 hours over 12 days, according to evidence reviewed in court. At a hearing, Coliva said that the overtime she had worked more than made up for her absences."

Another Reason The Whole Shakespeare-Couldn’t-Have-Written-Shakespeare Argument Is Ridiculous

Most of the Will-Shakespeare-of-Stratford skeptics, such as Mark Rylance, seem convinced that no one from a 16th-century small-city artisan-marchant background could possibly have written such artful and erudite drama. That's ridiculous because, points out Oxford historian Jonathan Healey, "many, perhaps most, of the greatest minds of the age were people of 'middling' origins."

Arts Orgs Fear They Simply Can’t Afford To Turn Down Donations From Ethically Dubious Sources

"Although the vast majority are concerned that taking the 'wrong' sort of money could damage their reputation, just one in four report that their organisation has any sort of ethical fundraising policy. The findings emerge out of a survey of over 500 arts workers who shared their views on ethical fundraising and sponsorship. Their comments also reveal why organisations do or do not have a policy in place, and how useful they consider such policies to be."