Police Called On Ohio Man Because Someone Mistook His Bassoon For A Rifle

A 22-year-old bassoonist was in a church parking lot in the town of Springfield, sitting on his trunk and playing scales while waiting for a rehearsal to start, when he was slowly approached by police wearing bulletproof vests. It seems a nearby citizen, worried by mass shootings in the news and unfamiliar with large double-reed instruments, had called 911. Said the young man, "In the right kind of light, it looks like a bazooka, but I don't think it was the right kind of light." (Again, one shudders to think how this might have played out in Florida.)

Is This The Final Chapter For Barnes And Noble?

Sales have been on the slide for 11 years; even online sales have fallen. Over the past five years, the company has lost more than $1bn in value. Dozens of stores have closed. A shake-up in February resulted in the loss of 1,800 full-time jobs. If Barnes & Noble closes it will mark the death of the last major book chain in the US, leaving the field open to Amazon, which sells one out of every two books in the country, according to analysts. Closure is also likely to hurt publishers, who will become even more heavily reliant on Amazon. Big swaths of America will be left without a major bookstore.

At Cannes, Women Join Arms In A Silent Protest Over A Lack Of Woman Directors

After the 82 women, including Jane Fonda, Selma Hayek, Ava DuVernay, Cate Blanchett, and Agnes Varda, climbed the steps on the red carpet, Blanchett and Varda read a statement. "The group said that the number of women present was chosen to match the total number of films made by female film-makers that have appeared in competition at the festival in its 71-year history. In that time 1,645 films directed by men have been selected in competition."

A Warehouse Of Alternate Superheroes, Created By An Artist Who Collects And Creates Them

"It's an intensely personal vision that begins with [artist Trenton Doyle] Hancock's youth. When you walk into Moundverse Infants, you're overwhelmed by bright reds, greens and yellows meant to evoke both a toy store and the tile in Hancock's grandma's bathroom. 'I'm obsessed with my own childhood,' Hancock says. 'I've actually tried to turn that into a superpower.'"