How Do Musicians Remember So Many Notes From Memory?


“Soloists are capable of remembering a tremendous amount of information based on several, mostly inexplicable and un-researched, mnemonic applications. Concert pianists, for example, can perform a 45 minute piece with 30,000 individual notes, that have to be performed in an absolutely particular order, with rhythmical and dynamic variability, passionately creating an emotional and formal narrative, from memory, live on stage.”

Memoir Of A Teenage Serial Killer (A Real One) Has Japan In An Uproar


“Brushing aside mounting criticism, a Tokyo publisher has defended its decision to release a controversial autobiography penned by a former teenage serial killer, billing it as helpful to elucidate – and even deter – heinous juvenile crimes in society. Since the release of the autobiography last week, Ota Publishing Co. has faced a ‘massive’ backlash from the public, the company admitted in a statement.”

In Hungary, ‘Independent’ Theatre Isn’t Quite As Independent As It Sounds


“Life is rife with lack of understanding, lack of tolerance, and a persistent impatience that has become a part of our everyday lives. The campaign against independent theatre companies led by the right-wing government has lasted for half a decade now. Though this issue seems to be a local concern, it reflects the general situation and the mental condition of the whole country.”

Boundaries Between Museums And Galleries Are Eroding


“What were hard and fast boundaries between commercial galleries and museums a decade ago no longer exist. Top galleries eager to woo blue-chip artists, collectors and a more diverse public are increasingly turning to big-name museum professionals to mount exhibitions of depth that would look at home at the Met or the Museum of Modern Art. But in some cases that scholarship may be in the service of business.”