Go See This Mural Before The Artist Destroys It (Bit By Bit)

The artist, Hugo Crosthwaite, wore a shirt that made him more approachable - more like a sign painter, less like an artist - and hoo boy, was he ever approached. His interactions with people changed the huge mural. "The mural, created in partnership with the California Historical Society, features a singular mix of images — rendered in the artist's preferred black and white — inspired by Mexican pulp comics, 19th century French illustration, Southern California visual iconography and current political events. It also features elements drawn from the artist's dialogues with the hundreds of people that stream through the space on a daily basis."

How Did Louisiana Jazz Make It To That Other L.A.?

California was more than a rumor; it was a way to change history. "For African Americans dreaming of opportunity in the early part of 20th century, that lure, the music in California’s new-start promise, was embedded into the consciousness. It burrowed deep. It was the necessary fuel — inspiration — to carry onward beyond known possibilities. Roughly between 1910 and 1970, in two great waves of migration, six million African Americans would journey out of the nightmare of the American South, fleeing post-slavery horrors: Jim Crow segregation, lynching, nonexistent or stunted economic opportunities."

Where Do Words Live?

Words refer to objects, and they don't actually live in our brains - only experience does, and we use words to convey our experiences. Or so is the claim. For instance: "What is an angel but a juggling of past experience: beautiful body, plus wings, as in a dream? What is dark matter if not a piece needed to complete a puzzle, a theory, made up of endless complex objects in the world? Sometimes, the imaginary object is a reshuffling of real objects and thus it is real in its own way; sometimes, it is nothing."

Nightmare First Date Ends With $1 Million Worth Of Art Destroyed In Drunken Rampage

Texas attorney Anthony Buzbee probably thought his evening was going well when he brought 29-year-old blonde Lindy Lou Layman to his $14 million mansion. But she got overly inebriated, and when he tried to send her home in an Uber, she hurled two sculptures across the room, ripped three paintings - including two original Warhols - off the wall, and poured some as-yet-unidentified liquid on them.

The Year We Fell Out Of Love With Algorithms

Algorithms that amplify fear and help foreign powers put a finger on the scale of democracy? These things sound dangerous! That’s a shift from just a few years ago, when “algorithm” primarily signified modernity and intelligence, thanks to the roaring success of tech companies such as Google—an enterprise founded upon an algorithm for ranking web pages.

UK Considers Fining Universities That Limit Free Speech

In a speech on Tuesday, Jo Johnson, the universities minister, said that universities "should be places that open minds not close them, where ideas can be freely challenged and prejudices exposed. But in universities in America and increasingly in the United Kingdom, there are countervailing forces of censorship, where groups have sought to stifle those who do not agree with them in every way under the banner of 'safe spaces' or 'no-platforming.' However well-intentioned, the proliferation of such safe spaces, the rise of no-platforming, the removal of ‘offensive’ books from libraries and the drawing up of ever more extensive lists of banned 'trigger' words are undermining the principle of free speech in our universities."