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The Music Industry’s Math Changes, but the Outcome Doesn’t: Drake Is No. 1

The rapper’s “Scorpion” debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 the week that a major shift gives paid streams more weight on the charts than free ones.

Anna Netrebko Storms Salzburg, Classical Music’s Summit

Watching divas, impresarios, maestros and virtuosos navigate music’s grandest summer festival shows how the classical landscape has changed.

Apple Music: Platform? Promoter? Both.

Apple executives Jimmy Iovine and Larry Jackson discuss its place in the music ecosystem and how it has built a one-stop shop for the streaming age.

‘The Savory Collection,’ a Mythical Trove of Jazz Recordings, Will Get a Digital Release

The recordings, from the archives of the sound engineer Bill Savory, will finally be available to the public via the National Jazz Museum and Apple Music.