Can ‘Insta Novels’ Get Young People Excited About Literature?

“[The New York Public Library] will be releasing digitized versions of classic novels, novellas, and short stories on their Instagram account, @nypl, through the ‘Stories’ and ‘Highlights’ features. … The campaign started with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which released with 200 pages distributed over the course of two days. Forthcoming titles include The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.”

Will Macron’s Culture-Pass App Really Entice Young French People To The Arts?

The program, which lets users swipe left or right, Tinder-style, on listed events and comes with a €500 credit for a user’s 18th birthday, is being beta-tested in a few locales this fall and will be rolled out nationwide next year. Can it work as planned, or are the potential pitfalls too great? Two contributors, a cultural historian and an art journalist, weigh in.

How One Theatre Is Mobilizing Theatre To Protect Public Lands

In addition to mobilizing civic engagement at a grassroots level, the plays also act as an indelible record of the largest loss to public lands our country has ever seen. They document a community’s unique history and culture at a particularly urgent moment in that community’s journey. Because they are based on true stories, the plays are marked by an authenticity of character and voice, and a sometimes-disarming honesty. They are very real and very accessible, and have the rare power to touch people on a deeply personal level, galvanizing communities to take action.

What’s The Job Of A Reference Librarian In The Age Of Google? Community Service

Sari Feldman, chief of the Cuyahoga County Public Library in Cleveland: “Where is reference headed, and how is it being practiced in 2018? I asked some of my colleagues, and I heard a fairly consistent message: with so much information available online today, the value librarians add comes through their connection to the community,” helping patrons with, for example, applying for government social programs, obtaining health information, or navigating immigration and naturalization issues.

Broadway Roulette: You Can Get Cheap Advance Tickets To A Show, But They Won’t Tell You Which One

Liz Durand Streisand’s online platform — which is, in fact, called Broadway Roulette — is basically the Hotwire of theatre: producers, like airlines, may be willing to release discount tickets in order to sell seats, but they don’t want the whole world to know that they’re resorting to cutting prices. So the customer will specify a date and order tickets, but the actual show will be a surprise.

In Troubled Iran, Audiences Are Packing Movie Theatres, Looking For Comic Relief

“Iranians are flocking to the cinema in record numbers, attracted by relatively affordable ticket prices and a slew of mood-lifting new comedies.” One director compares the current Iranian movie boom to the screwball comedies popular in the U.S during the Great Depression: “The reason why people are flocking to watch comedies is because they’re so depressed.”

Investigation: How TicketMaster Manipulates Ticket Prices

A CBC News and Toronto Star investigation reveals how box-office behemoth Ticketmaster uses its own bag of tricks — which includes partnering with scalpers — to boost its profits at the expense of music fans. Data journalists monitored Ticketmaster’s website for seven months leading up to this weekend’s show at Scotiabank Arena, closely tracking seats and prices to find out exactly how the box-office system works.