Report: UK Arts Funding Shows Significant Class Bias

The plethora of reports and investigations drawn together in the review reveal that people with higher incomes attend arts events in disproportionately high numbers, but they are less likely to actively participate in cultural activities. Participatory arts activities are more popular among those with flexible working schedules and more disposable time than among “those who are both objectively and subjectively ‘busy’”, who opt for less time-consuming forms of leisure.

A Library System In The US Also Tries To Close Small Libraries, Hide That Info From The Public, And Utterly Screw Up Public Records Requests On The Way

Basically: A Washington State library system decided to close some of its small libraries without telling the patrons because it didn’t want them to give feedback. An email from the library district manager telling a library she could not tell patrons the library was closingi included this: “Although we will make sure that they get to air their feelings, it would be a disservice to them to lead them to believe they can change the decision.” (Spoiler alert: They did.)

How The Internet Shut Down The Best Burger Place In America

Apparently, after my story came out, crowds of people started coming in the restaurant, people in from out of town, or from the suburbs, basically just non-regulars. And as the lines started to build up, his employees — who were mainly family members — got stressed out, and the stress would cause them to not be as friendly as they should be, or to shout out crazy long wait times for burgers in an attempt to maybe convince people to leave, and as this started happening, things fell by the wayside.

Netflix Is Releasing Its New Movies In Theaters Before Streaming Them — Not That You Could Tell

“For The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, the new film from the Coen brothers and the first title Netflix is distributing this way, the exclusive theatrical release was something of a mirage” — one screen in each of three cities for four barely publicized days. The same thing is going to happen next week for Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma. Film fans are not happy.