Central Intelligence Agency

Nonfiction: A Double Portrait of Two of the Cold War’s Most Successful Double Agents

Ben Macintyre’s new book, “The Spy and the Traitor,” recounts the extraordinary stories of the Soviet Oleg Gordievsky and the American Aldrich Ames, spies who betrayed their countries.

That Time the C.I.A. Tried to Recruit Me: Our Reporter on Covering Spies

Why do people love spy stories? Scott Shane, our national security reporter, talks tonight with Jennifer Lawrence, star of the new spy thriller “Red Sparrow.”

Review: In ‘Destiny and Power,’ George H.W. Bush Epitomizes a Vanishing G.O.P.

Subtitled “The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush,” Jon Meacham’s biography reveals the ambition that lay behind a president often seen as ineffectual.

Opinionator: Melissa McCarthy and Summer Heroines Have Shattered a Glass Ceiling

Women have dominated action and comedy movies this season. But when will they get more opportunities for meaty dramas — not to mention writing and directing?