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You can now visit the Corcoran for free

Here's an epic TL;DR of everything that has happened at the Corcoran leading up to today, the day gallery admission became permanently free:

The Corcoran announced it would enter a partnership with the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University, which made a lot of people angry and sad, especially a group of former students, staff and supporters called Save the Corcoran. The Corcoran, GW and the National Gallery had to go to court to get approval to amend the museum's charter. But when they did, Save the Corcoran filed suit to block the action. They put up a good fight, but on Monday, the courts announced that the merger would go through.

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Corcoran merger with National Gallery, George Washington University approved: 7 things you need to know

The D.C. superior court today approved the Corcoran’s plan to merge with the National Gallery of Art and the George Washington University, effectively dissolving the nearly 150-year-old institution. With this decision, one of D.C.’s oldest museums is about to undergo a drastic transformation in the next few months. Here’s what you need to know:

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Corcoran breakup plan backed by District ahead of hearing; critics seek alternative

The Corcoran Gallery of Art’s dramatic plan to dissolve and reorganize with new caretakers received a major boost with the endorsement late Wednesday of District Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan, while opponents issued their most elaborate critique and proposed an alternative to the breakup of Washington’s oldest private art museum and college.

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Did a Corcoran Gallery memo in 1945 foretell the future?

When the board of trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art held its quarterly meeting on April 20, 1945, the members knew they had a problem.

Item No. 15 on the agenda was titled rather blandly, given its implications: “Report, National Gallery — department for contemporary American Art.” C. Powell Minnigerode, the Corcoran’s longtime director, and Jeremiah O’Connor, the veteran curator, would explain.

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Petition about Corcoran Gallery of Art should be heard for transparency’s sake

A motion filed Wednesday to stop the dismemberment of the Corcoran Gallery of Art should be given serious consideration by D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Okun. The integrity of any final dispensation of the Corcoran depends on several key points raised by the petitioners, which include the advocacy group Save the Corcoran and more than a dozen other plaintiffs.

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