Small Arts Groups Are Thriving In Salt Lake, And Local Gov’t Funding For Them May Change

“[Salt Lake County’s] Zoo, Arts and Parks (ZAP) program will fund more groups than ever this year with $2.2 million split among 183 organizations … [Program director Kristen] Darrington said the growing applicant pool for Tier II, up from 156 in 2016 and 171 last year, is a ‘really good problem to have.’ It reflects the increased sophistication of small arts programs and demand for cultural programming across the county.”

Toledo Symphony And Toledo Ballet To Merge

“The Toledo Symphony and Toledo Ballet Association will merge the two organizations to create the Toledo Alliance for the Performing Arts or TAPA … The new partnership will create an umbrella organization under which the two will serve as equal partners in a three-prong relationship that will also include an education component for the community.”

Investigation: How TicketMaster Manipulates Ticket Prices

A CBC News and Toronto Star investigation reveals how box-office behemoth Ticketmaster uses its own bag of tricks — which includes partnering with scalpers — to boost its profits at the expense of music fans. Data journalists monitored Ticketmaster’s website for seven months leading up to this weekend’s show at Scotiabank Arena, closely tracking seats and prices to find out exactly how the box-office system works.

‘Ubu Roi In Hungary’ – Viktor Orbán Wages War On Country’s Arts Establishment

“In the pursuit of cultural hegemony, Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz government has carried out a full-scale assault on the Hungarian cultural establishment, taking over funding bodies, defaming critics and putting loyalists in positions of influence. The result today is almost total conformity to the Hungarian nationalism of Fidesz and the sidelining of independent culture.”

Two Out Of Every Five Britons Think Multiculturalism Is Mucking Up The Country’s Culture: Study

“A large minority of people in the UK believe multiculturalism has undermined British culture and that migrants do not properly integrate, according to some of the broadest research into the population’s attitudes to immigration. The study, conducted over the last two years, also reflects widespread frustration at the government’s handling of immigration.”

John Legend Now Has An EGOT, And Some In The Entertainment World Are Taking That As Proof Of Racial Progress

Yes, he’s the first Black man – and only the second Black person ever, after Whoopi Goldberg in 2002 – to earn the entertainment superfecta. But “Legend’s well-earned moment runs the risk of becoming a kind of racial-progress overreach that is seen as a final piece of the puzzle, when in reality it’s just part of its framing.”

It’s Time For A Reckoning Of Harassment In Photojournalism, Too

Even beyond the bombshell article from July accusing prominent men in the field of harassment, the “male-dominated field creates a ‘toxic culture’ that silences women in the profession and has kept a full reckoning from taking place. … 85 to 90 percent of the news imagery we consume is created by men. Last year, 90 percent of the images that The New York Times ran on their front page was made by men.”