Late Night with Seth Meyers (TV Program)

Late Night Skewers Trump Over ‘Send Her Back’ Rally Chant

The hosts questioned the president’s claim that he’d tried to stop the chant (and his remark to the crowd that he had “nothing to do”).

Trevor Noah Says Trump’s Racism Might Not Be in His Bones

“Maybe it is in your spleen — we don’t know!” the “Daily Show” host said. “It could be anywhere.”

Late Night Backs Up ‘the Squad’ After Trump’s Accusatory Tweets

Seth Meyers said of the congresswomen that “if you’re asking them to fix the totally broken, crime-infested governments of their home countries, they’re trying.”

Colbert Says Joe Biden Got His Teeth Knocked Out at the Debate

“I hope they took dental photographs of Biden before this debate,” Stephen Colbert said. Jimmy Fallon summed up the evening as “Operation Destroy Joe Biden.”

Trevor Noah on Trump’s ‘Not My Type’ Defense: ‘That’s Not a Good Denial’

The president’s response to E. Jean Carroll’s accusation of sexual assault drew scorn from Noah and other late-night hosts.

Seth Meyers Says Every Day With Trump Is Like ‘Fight Club’

Baffled by the president’s reversal on Iran, Meyers predicts “we’re going to find him in the parking lot outside the White House beating the crap out of himself.”

Late Night Can’t Get Enough of Trump’s Scolding His Chief of Staff for Coughing

“Which is weird, but at least it explains why Melania started smoking unfiltered Pall Malls,” Seth Meyers joked Monday night.

Late-Night Thinks Trump Must Be Confused About Collusion

“Apparently foreign dirt is the only import he won’t put tariffs on,” Trevor Noah joked about the president on Thursday.