Late Show with Stephen Colbert (TV Program)

Stephen Colbert Has Doubts About the Clinton-Epstein Conspiracy Theory

After President Trump promoted a theory that the Clintons had masterminded Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Colbert said, “They couldn’t even mastermind a visit to Wisconsin.”

Seth Meyers Says El Paso Should Put the Boot on Air Force One

The late-night hosts were quick to point out that President Trump still owes the city more than half a million dollars for a campaign rally in February.

Trevor Noah Wonders What Other Kinds of Supremacy Trump Isn’t Into

After the president said he opposed “any type of supremacy,” the “Daily Show” host wondered which nonwhite varieties he could possibly have in mind.

Stephen Colbert Calls Out Long Shot Presidential Candidates

“I mean, it is 20 people and if I am generous, six of them should be up there,” Colbert said of the Democratic debates. “I’m looking at you, Steve Bullock.”

Late Night Goes Live for the 2nd Night of Democratic Debates

“In the end, the candidates came together around a unifying message: Click ‘like’ and subscribe!” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday.