Monuments and Memorials (Structures)

Gender Letter: Rebel Women Are Coming to a Public Monument Near You

For years, men have made up the vast majority of public monuments in this country. A series of campaigns are now pressing for women to get their (monumental) due.

Big City: More Women Deserve Statues in New York. Here Are 10.

Few women are lionized with public monuments in New York, and as the city prepares to redress that, we asked readers who should be memorialized. Here is what they told us.

Critic’s Notebook: A Memorial to the Lingering Horror of Lynching

The powerful National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Alabama is meant to perturb, not console — and to encourage truth-telling far and wide.

Denmark Gets First Public Statue of a Black Woman, a ‘Rebel Queen’

As a challenge to the country’s collective memory, two artists unveiled a monument to a 19th-century figure who led a fiery revolt against Danish colonial rule in the Caribbean.