Conservative NY Times Columnist Remembers His Freewheeling, Sexually Confident, Multiply Married Modernist Painter Grandmother (Who Had Diego Rivera For A Lover)

Bret Stephens pays tribute to Annette Nancarrow (the composer Conlon was the third of her four husbands), a genteel, well-to-do Manhattan Jewish girl who ran off to Mexico City, became besties with Anaïs Nin, painted a mural alongside José Clemente Orozco, watched Diego and Frida fight, and judged Leon Trotsky’s clothes. – The New York Times

Remembering Terrence McNally

Perhaps the most important comic voice in theater since Neil Simon, McNally wrote to amuse and awaken. Laughter for him was the greatest survival tool ever invented. Humor was his shield against the homophobia he experienced as a Catholic boy growing up in Texas, against the losses that rained down on him and his community during the worst days of the AIDS crisis and against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune — which in showbiz is even more outrageous than usual. – Los Angeles Times

Albert Uderzo, Co-Creator Of Astérix The Gaul, Dead At 92

“Born colorblind and with six fingers on each hand, [he] became one of the world’s most acclaimed cartoonists, known for drawing characters that ranged from the sword-wielding Astérix — with his winged helmet, bulbous nose and horseshoe mustache — to the roly-poly Obélix, a stonemason who joins Astérix in defending their village from Roman legionaries.” – The Washington Post

Dame Fanny Waterman, Founder Of The Leeds Competition, Turns 100 And Dishes About Music

Dame Fanny says: “I had courage when people said, ‘It won’t work in Leeds’. Even my darling husband said that and I said ‘I’ll show you’. I rang up Marion and she said ‘Let’s try’. That was the ambition I learned from my parents. My father was concerned about style and ability and never produced anything that was shabby, and I used to try to emulate that. You can either do nothing with your world, or you can say to yourself ‘I’m going to strive in everything for betterment’.” – Yorkshire Post