Robert Brown

Galleries gathering again in once arty Georgetown

The number of Washington art galleries is decreasing both in longtime habitats — Dupont Circle, downtown — and such newer locales as Logan Circle and the Atlas District. While some seek and a few have found fresh locations in gentrifying districts, the area that’s experienced a significant growth spurt is one that was far artier a generation ago: Georgetown. ¶ There are currently eight galleries in the area known as Book Hill, just south of the neighborhood’s library, including three that arrived this summer: Cross MacKenzie Gallery, All We Art and Washington Printmakers Gallery. Next month, Artist’s Proof is scheduled to make it nine when it moves from Cady’s Alley, south of M Street, to Wisconsin & Q.

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Illuminating Per Kirkeby’s dark collections

Danish artist Per Kirkeby trained as an arctic geologist, and much of the work in his current Phillips Collection retrospective is as dark and heavy as volcanic mud. Some of that exhibition’s motifs recur in Robert Brown Gallery’s show of Kirkeby’s prints and drawings (and a single painting). But the artist’s drypoints, etchings and aquatints have a lighter touch, even when they’re mostly black.

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