First Issue: When A Museum Wants To Be Relevant To Its Community – What Does Relevance Mean?

“Our breakthrough moment was when we took ownership of the fact that we didn’t need to write a “social impact statement” (which might be seen as competing with our mission statement). Rather, we simply needed to articulate the problem our community is facing that we are uniquely suited to address, the best solution we believe exists for that problem, and the concrete and tangible outcomes we’re going to measure that will demonstrate our positive social impact.” – Medium

Americans For The Arts Expands Programs For Cultural Equity And Diversity In Arts Leadership

This year the organization will extend its 25-year-old Diversity in Arts Leadership beyond New York City to New Jersey and Iowa, launch an Arts & Cultural Equity Fellows program in the Great Lakes region, create an Arts & Culture Leaders of Color Network, and begin a 3-day retreat called the Leaders of Color Forum. — Americans for the Arts

Rubin Foundation Announces 2019 Grants In Art And Social Justice

“This year’s cohort includes smaller organizations that are at the forefront of using cultural production to address contemporary issues such as LGBTQ rights, distributive justice, court diversion for youth, and domestic violence. Grantees include Fourth Arts Block, Disability/Arts/NYC, Jack, Alice Austen House, Photo Requests from Solitary (A Project of Solitary Watch), Wendy’s Subway, and Forward Union. Among the larger institutions receiving funding are El Museo del Barrio, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the Queens Museum, and the Studio Museum in Harlem.” – Art Forum

‘Turning The Usual Pattern Of Arts Engagement On Its Head’

An Arts Council England-funded program called Creative People and Places “aims to increase arts participation in places where people are less likely to take part in arts activity” — and it seems to be succeeding with the groups least likely to engage with the arts generally. What’s the secret? Nothing very secret at all, actually. — Arts Professional

Music, Health and Wellbeing: Exploring Music for Health Equity and Social Justice

An exploration of “whether music can contribute to health equity and social justice, by enhancing positive Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), and alleviating negatives ones.  Twenty‐six authors consider this question from a range of angles, including micro‐level (small group) interventions, meso‐level (community) initiatives, and macro‐level (societal) approaches.”   – Health Promotion Journal of Australia [Academic journal – paid access]