The Tonight Show (TV Program)

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Is Not Satisfied by Trump’s Response to the New Zealand Shootings

“After a terrorist act, to condemn the extremist ideology of the terrorist should be a slam dunk,” Colbert said. “On the other hand, he can’t jump.”

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Goes on a Roll With Robert Kraft Puns

The Patriots’ owner is facing charges of soliciting sex, but that may not be the most salacious thing about this news story. Stephen Colbert relished the opportunity to retell it.

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Wants to Remind You: Trump Isn’t Normal

“That mildly nauseous feeling you have is because for the last two years, Donald Trump has been spinning you in a tumble-dryer full of turd,” Colbert said.

Best of Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Gets in Costume to Roast Bernie Sanders

Impersonating the newly announced presidential candidate, Fallon intoned: “Hello, I’m Bernie Sanders, and I’m yelling for president of the United States.”

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Says Trump Contradicted Himself on Emergency

President Trump said he planned to use emergency powers even though he “didn’t need to.” Colbert said that sounded like a contradiction.