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Galleries: ‘Is It Propaganda? Or Is It Political Art?’; ‘Voyage of Discovery’; ‘Alien Fanfare’

Lines, vines and boulevards are among the tendrils depicted in three separate but thematically overlapping shows at Hillyer Art Space. The most austere work is Jarri Hasnain’s “Constructions,” which arrays (and sometimes embosses) Euclidian figures on predominantly gray fields. The forms get more tangled in the work of Pam Rogers, who ­bases her work on plants, and Eszter Bornemisza, whose primary inspiration is the street grid of her native Budapest.

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Illuminating Per Kirkeby’s dark collections

Danish artist Per Kirkeby trained as an arctic geologist, and much of the work in his current Phillips Collection retrospective is as dark and heavy as volcanic mud. Some of that exhibition’s motifs recur in Robert Brown Gallery’s show of Kirkeby’s prints and drawings (and a single painting). But the artist’s drypoints, etchings and aquatints have a lighter touch, even when they’re mostly black.

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