Women and Girls

The Shortlist: Group Biographies Give Trailblazing Historical Women Their Due

From George Eliot and Mary Shelley to Joan of Arc and Coco Chanel, female icons from centuries past take the spotlight in three new books.

Nonfiction: Remembering a Woman Who Was a Leader of the French Resistance

Lynne Olson’s “Madame Fourcade’s Secret War” tells of a woman who led the fight against the Nazis while combating sexism among her colleagues.

Books of The Times: Andrea Dworkin, a Startling and Ruthless Feminist Whose Work Is Back in the Spotlight

“Last Days at Hot Slit,” edited by Johanna Fateman and Amy Scholder, collects work by the radical feminist who said her writing had to be “bolder and stronger than woman-hating itself.”